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Thread: Looking for a Gunsmith

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    Looking for a Gunsmith

    Hi Guys, having problems with my Steyr pro hunter, was having real difficulty ejecting spent cases and now i cant seem to close the bolt when chambering a round.
    Looking for a gunsmith in area if anyone knows of one.

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    try cleaning the chamber first, get a 410 cleanin rod and brush and give it a scrub. also make sure the bolt face is clean.

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    In another thread I mentioned having a similar problem in closing the bolt with my Steyr Prohunter and it turned out that the particular new brand of ammo I was using was just a fraction longer than my usual stuff and it was enough to make closing the bolt impossible. Before employing a gunsmith try a few different brands of rounds to see if that is the issue.

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    There is a hidden floating collar that your bolt lugs engage with. You have accidentally rotated it during cleaning. By trial and error you can rotate it back into position. Do not force the bolt.

    All the best for 2014.


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    As JCS states, there is a floating collar that the locking lugs engage with that can become displaced after energetic cleaning of the chamber. You can make a simple tool like a long-handled screwdriver with a crossbar on the end, thus forming a T-shape. Use the dimension across the bolt locking lugs as a guide for the width of the T-bar and make it a fraction smaller. You can use this to relocate the bush after cleaning chamber. It is prudent to make the T-bar from brass to avoid scratching the chamber.

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    Picture of the bolt locking lug area with collar correctly positioned:

    Collar out of position:

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