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Thread: First English roe

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    First English roe

    Having picked up my first English permission by total chance,it came via a ratting trip with one of the lads asking wether I could help him with some fox problems.As he has no fac and controls the rabbit population with ferrets and air rifle,he noticed a rise in the fox population on the ground ,plus he was keen to do a bit of lamping.With a visit to the ground before xmas for a shuftie of the land I spotted a couple of deer in a small copse ,oh yes theres deer on here to you want to thin them out as they seem to attract dogmen,oh go on then.First visit in anger was Monday pm ,spotted around 8 deer in total and managed to take a yearling doe who was in cracking condition ,at 80m with a neck shot as she was standing in a large bramble patch .Had only been there an hour ,so spent the last hour of light watching a doe and kids about 50m from me nipping holly bushes and feeding along a huge bramble patch alongside an old railway line .Back to the same area after dark we managed to call in 2 foxes I missed one ,doh ,then nailed another.Spoke to the guy today and he is happy for me to sort out the fox and deer on the land great start to the New year!!!That was my first English deer so was really pleased,and only an hour from home.

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    I am confident, we will get to know some more stories....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    congratulations on your first english roe. regards sbm

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    Congrats on the roe and your new permission
    hope it brings you many happy memories
    regards pete

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