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    New member Hampshire

    Hello All. Just joined the forum, been stalking for about 20 years mainly in Hampshire though I run a lease just above Dumfries. Stalking is mainly roe, a few fallow and the odd muntjac. all carried out on farms, small lumps of private land and National Trust land.

    Weapons are: Tooley custom .257 Roberts ackley improved, RG rifles lightweight 6x47 lapua, Rampro .17 Ackley hornet, CZ .17 HMR, nightforce and leupold scopes and a T4 can.

    Have reloaded for the past twenty years, the .257 and .17 ackley hornet have to be fireformed.

    Joined as I liked the make up of the forum.


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    Welcome, I'm on the Isle of Wight, nearly neighbours!

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    Jim....Jim here..

    Welcome to the site, it is a very good site, plenty of useful info here....sounds like you will have a lot to offer as well. Be interested to hear what you have to offer.

    I'm also hampshire based, i think there are a few of us kicking around locally.



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