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Thread: Can it get any wetter?

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    Can it get any wetter?

    Well we spent NewYears eve with friends in Devon, their farmhouse is well up and looks onto Dartmoor in the distance. It started raining and blowing in the wee hours on the first and was still raining at 2pm when we set of home. The back lanes were awash and the run off from the fields was remarkable. Man hole covers pushed off with mini geysers on the roads. The main road from Taunton to Langport was badly flooded and the River Avon near Bath was al but out of its banks again.

    This am from the train the middle levels were quite badly flooded and there were big numbers of swans, geese and ducks on flooded cereals near Taunton, not as bad as 2012 but worrying. The forecast is awfull for the next few days and the ground is saturated.

    Not a deer to be seen this am despite glorious sunshine.

    Bring on the CWD!!

    And as an update the two fat ducks made excellent eating on New years eve, accompanied by orange sauce and a very good bottle of Sauternes.


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    A neighbouring farmer in his late seventies said he has never seen so much rain. However on the 26th I put up 4 pairs of Woodcock in a 100 yd stretch of plantation on boxing day,maybe a cold front coming in soon.

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    I live near Taunton and agree it is wet but elsewhere has it much worse. regards sbm

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    Just started again here, wetter than an otters pocket. I just hope its dry on saturday when im under a sky full of pheasants

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    Have a good one Andy, and see you in a couple of weeks. Lets hope its drier!!
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    Can it get any wetter?
    In a word no but the wet areas just get bigger.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Just doesn't seem to be letting up anywhere , river clyde burst its banks in several areas .Just hope there is minimal damage for anyone affected.

    And on a selfish note I am fed up that I can't get out with the rifles.
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    We have had big thunderstorms/heavy showers all day. The river Parratt at Bridgewater was pretty close to going over the Leeves this am probably caused by the big spring tide in the Severn estuary. The forecast for the next 3 or so days is pretty awfull. We have not been out for ages i doubt we could get on some of our ground by foot.


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    I hope everyone stayed safe, Its coming again tomorrow so baten down the hatches and stay safe. On a plus side it stayed dry whilst pheasant shooting today, so cheers Sikamalc it was a good day.

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    Duck with sauternes?????

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