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Thread: Glespin South Lanarkshire

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    Glespin South Lanarkshire

    Hi any of you see the flooding this week ? Iv got the bungalow near the opencast entrance as a investment or was supposed to be, apparently the tenant had to be rescued by the fire brigade and at the hight the water was over 4 ft up the walls. I really find this hard to believe but trying to get pictures or proper info out of the letting agent is like trying to talk to an egg, really not worth me traveling up until the insurance assessor wants to meet up

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    Hi Simon,
    I am not too far from Glespin and to be honest I don't doubt the terrible scenario you have been told of.
    I spoke to a resident of Douglas ( nearby to your cottage) who has resided there all his life and for the first time, he was unable to leave his home because of flooding.
    My friend and neighbour last week had to dig a channel with a jcb to divert water from normally what is a 2ft wide, 6" deep burn and due to the flooding was about 4ft deep and a raging torrent.
    I have friends in the emergency services and I will find out about any specific "rescues" carried out.

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    Is that the house on the right hand side just on the corner? If so I passed it today.


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    Im thinking of east glespin farm. On the crawfordjohn road..


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    I know exactly the cottage your referring to.
    I drive past it regularly, I saw the sand bags stacked up the other
    day, hell of a water running down the road and unfortunately
    straight in your gate.

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    Thanks for the info,it's not looking good then,yes it the bungalow on the right of the opencast entrance there's a sign for kinnox cottage there. Iv just been told there's a chance of the floods coming back this weekend too,stressful times ahead.
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    Hi Simon up that way to day not looking good. Rain back on friday & sunday.


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