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Thread: Auto electrician help

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    Auto electrician help

    The wife has a Renault clio and the headlights keep throwing a wobbly sidelights and main beam work fine but the headlights don't come on then if you take the rubber cover off the back and give the lamps a wiggle from behind and they work until the next time they don't work.
    Any ideas ?

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    sounds like the terminals need cleaning up abit as it could be a bad connection,atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    sounds like the terminals need cleaning up abit as it could be a bad connection,atb wayne
    +1 give them a quick rub with emery cloth
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    Check, clean, tighten, and/or reconnect all ground wires. Sounds like something simple since they come back on.

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    I would also check the wires going into the connector block make sure there not braking as they have a habit of snapping

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    Yep a light rub with some emery cloth or similar and a spray with a well known water repeller/lubricator . on the can it has dwo4 , not in this order , don't want to advertise , others are available.

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    Connections look clean and shiny weird thing is both of them don't work then wiggle one and it comes on then wiggly the other and it comes on that's why I asked for help seems weird that it's both don't come on Id have have thought it would be just one? Also it's a right pain in the behind to get to either of them.

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    Had the same thing with a Nissan Micra it was a bad earth on the headlights I just ran a new earth from the body to the earth connection on the back of one light and away they went.

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    take a piece of wire and hold one end on the negative battery post and the other on the metal headlight housing or mounting screw and see if it takes care of it. If so, clean/replace your grounds....

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    Cheers all
    i thought it was an earth problem just weird that it's both headlights won't come on then when you sort one it works then you sort the other it's just coincide they both play up not just individual

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