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Thread: F C leases

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    F C leases

    Just had some leases sent through today from the Forestry Commission as some others may have done.

    I have been looking through them and wanted to know what others thought about them, especially the prices, here is an example.

    Tay forest district. Offering stalking 835 hectares, approx 1830 acres for Red, Fallow, and Roe over a 12 month period.

    These are the 3 year average culls,

    2 Stags, 1 Hind, 1 Calf, 35 Roe Bucks, 29 Roe Does, 18 Roe kids, 5 Fallow bucks 4 Fallow does and 3 Fallow fawns.

    The cull needed for the coming season is on a similar par.

    The price for this lease is expected to be in the region of 6000 + vat =around 7000, at this price this works out at around 3.82 per acre.
    I think that this is a liitle too expensive and would work out to be over a 1000 per gun with 6 members.

    I think with the fact that the commission are making it mandatory this year to have your level 2 to shoot on their ground, I reckon they should struggle to achieve this kind of revenue.

    I am just interested as to who would willingly pay this kind of money and why.?
    Last year I tendered for some Sika ground off them in the borders which was about 600 acres, my bid was about 1200 inc vat if i remember right, but had it on pretty good authority that there were offers in excess of 6000 for the same bit.


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    Including fawns thats 71.42 per head shot.
    When I look at what i've been charged for stalking in Scotland thats not bad, if I had the capital available it would be a consideration.

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    600 acres bids in excess of 6000, 10 an acre what needs culling there, Unicorns? Pretty soon the prices for the leases plus the price of getting the required qualification to stalk, is going to put this game out of reach to a lot of ordinary folk. Lets hope that this price is in the minority.


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    Way too expensive for the real world, sadly a few city boys will pay for it out of the ridiculous bonuses they get for ruining our pension funds and the FC will think all is well. Sometimes I think there is no hope for the like of us.

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    Whats worse, and I dont think folk look at this, is this land belongs to US, the FC is entrusted to maintain and protect the Forests for the future.

    I tell you what, let them employ Rangers to look after it that way we know our taxes are being well spent..not!

    It is the way of things now im afraid a dreadful shame it is.

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    Ahhh good old FC. What you have to watch is that they sometimes shoot the crap out of it (at night) and then let it out to someone. And then the only deer you see is the one with the flack jacket and the tin helmet

    The price they are asking is a rediculous amount of money. Here is where the prices are being hiked up guys. Would any of you pay that kind of money

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    Hello sikamalc
    Would i heck pay that sort of money

    The prices they want for that is outrite rediculous gents.
    Like Sikamalc said the ground will most probably of been shot to hell at night by the FC then let out for some idiot willing to pay that sort of money to try & shoot it in the day.
    I would like to know where the FC got these prices from

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    Not having any leased stalking I have no idea how much a bit like that is really worth, can anyone give me a guideline? It does seem very dear (no pun intended).

    I have some free stalking and take days as a client which suits at the moment, but I have my ear to the ground for any decent stalking in my home area.


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    How this for timing, my friend, a farmer has just had a visit from the FC, they wanted to talk about boundaries he said. When he arrived he told my pal that the boundaries were all in order but, they are desperate for land for planting hardwoods and were quite willing, keen, to buy his farm everything, house, outbuildings everything except the stock.

    He was told very firmly no, for which I am very grateful, I could have lost a good few hundred acres of shooting there!


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