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Thread: witnessed stalk lincoln

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    witnessed stalk lincoln

    Hi guys , as above , my mate lives around lincoln and is keen to get his last witness completed , does anyone have any recomendations , feel free to pm me with any numbers to pass on , he has recently moved down there so has no ground to go on , thanks alot , he lives around thr boston area so norfolk area is also good !
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    There is a gunshop in Wragby, Forest Lodge guns. The guy is a DSC2 AW - I don't stalk (yet) so cannot say if he is any good, but by all counts he has a good rep.

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    Karl , thanks for that , hows this for a coincidence , just had a pm of another SD member tonight with the exact same recomendation ! thanks again realy appreciate that , atb arron.

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    No worries - I will be going out with him myself at some point.

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    I can recommend John Robson of Yorkshire Deer Stalking (YDS) from this site, see "stalking opportunities". He is based in Driffield and has ground extending from Pickering down to Hull and beyond.

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    Willie , thanks for that , spoke to him today and passed on details , think he is sorted now , thanks everyone , arron.

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