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Thread: Stainless Steel Centenary Kitchen Knife...

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    Stainless Steel Centenary Kitchen Knife...

    One of these...

    And following on from something I mentioned in this thread...

    As some will be aware 2013 marks 100 years passed since Harry Brearley discovered Stainless Steel here in Sheffield, that is an occasion made even more special for me due to the fact that it was Portland Works, my workshop base in Sheffield, that Harry visited with his wondrous new material to have made into 'something', that something happened to be cutlery as Portland Works back then was a purpose built and dedicated cutlery works...

    I wanted to celebrate this by making something too, a knife, now not to get too romantic about all this but my thinking was that when HB discovered Stainless Steel he placed it into all of our lives, all of our homes, I wanted my Centenary Knife to be one that we all have need of and all use, to that end I decided upon a 4" bladed kitchen Paring knife...

    I also wanted it to be made of Stainless Steel, nothing else, just SS, the purity of that for it's purpose greatly appealing to me...

    The problem there of course is getting a 'knife' grade SS in 8mm thick, which to bring my idea to life is what I needed, enter Outokumpu, in a Victor Kiam style, they liked it so much they didn't buy the company, but they did make some for me, or at least roll some to the perfect thickness...

    So what we have is Limited Edition, to 100 pieces obviously, a knife made to celebrate the discovery of Stainless Steel in Sheffield, a knife made from 100% Sheffield made SF100 grade Stainless Steel, a knife made to commemorate another knife made 100 years it's previous but made in the same workshops... I'm not sure it could get any better?

    Here are a couple more photos...

    The photos show different numbers but this listing is for #061/100, it is priced as they all are at an all in 195, that see's the knife in it's presenation box and certificate of origin delivered via RMSD to your door...

    If there's any interest it will be Monday before I can reach the PO...

    Cheers for now all, Stu.

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    #061/100 is now sold, there are other numbers available though....

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