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Thread: Leica HD or Non HD?

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    Leica HD or Non HD?

    After checking out Roedinator's Rangefinding Leica's earlier this week I'm thinking of getting a pair. They seem to be changing at the moment from the Non HD version to the HD version in the rangefinder binocs. The Non HD type are available for good prices as people clear out their stocks (1280 as opposed to 1600 for the HD's.

    Has anyone tried both? Are the HD's worth the extra 300?

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    Yes - When we were buying a scope (tele not rifle) we had the same choice. There is a noticeable difference and you will just want to upgrade that much sooner..... It is major expenditure and at the end of the day you are looking at 1300 or 1600. We did and have no regrets

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    HD are not as clear out at distance.

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    I bought the HD's at Xmas and can't fault them. If only my eyes were as good.

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    Not range finding but......
    I have a pair of older Leica Trinovids in 8x32, I love them, they do everything I need including low light bunny searching.
    Recently I had a chance to borrow the latest incarnation in HD, in low light I didn't think they were any better, in good light at close range they showed more detail but the color was not as natural, also seemed as if the depth of field was not as good.cost to change.
    They also felt 'flimsy' in comparrison, not the same build quality at all.
    (my Trinovids are 2002 vintage)


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    hello there,i have had all types of glasses for my job,and i constantly end up back with leica,and i too have not so long ago had the same situation you have brought up,but i can confirm on returning back to the estate with my new 8x56 HD,I INSTANTLY FOUND GLASSING THE HILL AN EVEN BETTER PLEASURE.the clarity is second to none,and when glassing my deer you get an even more detailed experience,roll on the stags,cheers.

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