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Thread: Tikka T3 Lite or T3 Super Varmint?

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    Tikka T3 Lite or T3 Super Varmint?

    Hi Lads,

    I am looking at getting a new stalking rifle and am at a bit of a sticking point. I know I want a .270 but dont know if I should get a lite or super varmint, my friend has a lite and swears that I should get one because of its weight and how good a rifle it is in general.
    I know there is 2 things to look at with the super varmint, it will be obviously heavier and have a longer barrel which is not ideal. At the min I use a remi 700, .308 with a heavy fluted barrel cut down to 20" and T8 Mod its heavy lol.
    I will compliment the new rifle with probably a zeiss duralyt scope and an A-Tech mod.

    All opinions are welcome

    Cheers JP

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    if mainly stalking go for the lite 100%

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    From experiance, deffo' get the Lite for stalking.

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    Sounds like it is defiantly the lite so. will miss that heavy barrel lol

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    I bought a Lite for back country hunting. When I was climbing rock escarpments to get to the valley on the other side I was consciously aware that my Lite choice was a good one. That said, I will say that it took me a few rounds to get used to shooting it off hand, standing, due to the lightness. Range time and dry-firing a few rounds every night got me on track quick.~Muir

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    ok cheers muir, you can i magine doing the same with a .308 remi 700 heavy barrel, have any of you guys found an issue with the shorter barrel on the liet?

    Cheers jp

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    PS didnt mention the leupold mk4 fencing hammer !!

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    Go with the lite mate. I have just given up with carrying an heavy rifle around and it's bliss!!!



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    I have a Heym .270... Great gun but heavy!.....have a S/S Lite in .243....secret is in the's light. A joy to go stalking with.

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