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Thread: Stalking In Japan

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    Stalking In Japan

    Stalking In Japan ?
    How hard can it be ? !!!

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    Extraction shouldn't be a problem, just stick them on the Number 47 bus


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    I did something on this a while back as they have a real problem over there

    They're easy to find you just can't shoot them
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    Yes, I'm afraid it's very very difficult.

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    Looked into this last year when working over in Asia, one of the main agents and also features in most of the youtube vids on Hokkaido Sika is an American guy called Eric. He"ll happily take anyone hunting Sika in Japan but the rules allow none residents or people who haven't passed there hunting exam to use a bow only. Not my cup of tea and have no experience in this at all. The guy did tell me that the rules may relax again due to the problem they are causing, but still you would be only allowed to use a shotgun.

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    The trouble is the Japanese eat to much Sushi and not enough Red meat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yorky07 View Post
    The trouble is the Japanese eat to much Sushi and not enough Red meat.
    Not really a fair description

    Red meat is far more expensive than fish on the whole.
    (Shortage of farming land anywhere outside of Hokkaido that isn't taken up by a far more profitable rice and cereal growing)

    But sushi (in its numerous forms) is not a major part of the diet of most average Japanese

    Firearms control in Japan is both extremely restrictive and very expensive.
    Any sport requiring access to large areas of land is by its very nature a very expensive pastime and often reserved for the mega rich

    It is done though and there are plenty of videos on youtube

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