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Thread: kennel cough

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    kennel cough

    Is the vaccine worth getting?

    2nd time in about 3 months now and shes 8 months old.

    All the best


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    Yes IMO. My dogs have had it for the last 3 years and haven't had a cough. It took my lab over 6 months to get over kennel cough so it's money well spent for me.

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    I think so, they can still get it but stops it getting to pneumonia which is the life threatening part. If you value your dogs got to be worth the 25 pounds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pezz69 View Post
    Is the vaccine worth getting?

    2nd time in about 3 months now and shes 8 months old.

    All the best

    In my opinion yes, two out of three of my dogs had it this year, but got over it in less than a fortnight.

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    My dog has kennel cough at the moment. I think she will have the vaccine next year.

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    Its a must kennel cough seems to be rife in a few spots up and down the country. You hear more of it now than you did.

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    My dog mixes with many other dogs during the shooting season, he has received the vaccine since a pup and touch wood has never had kennel cough.
    A couple of years back it was so bad a local vet who beat on the shoot vaccinated those not already treated at a reduced cost to help stop the spread.
    For 25 in my eyes it's money best spent.

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    I reported about six months ago on here informing that we had received a email from our dog insurers making us aware that this was on the rise in the north west region. I get mine vaccinated against all if possible.

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    As has been suggested - the vaccine only protects against the most common bacterial cause and the most common viral cause. Not 100% protections, but vaccinated dogs get less severe disease (in my experience).

    I'd suggest it for all working dogs.

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    The vet said it wasn't kc but was going to treat it the same just in case.

    Felt I was being fleeced wasn't the usual vet I see.

    40.10 for a 3 day course of anti inflammatories and 5 day course of antibiotics.

    Have to pay though.

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