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Thread: KC request to GOV. Petition Response

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    KC request to GOV. Petition Response

    A number of you will probably received this, but thought it worth posting. Looking forward to Sir Patrick Bateson's enquiry.

    Read the Government’s response
    In September 2009 the Kennel Club approached the Government to ask for more statutory powers so that the principles and standards of their accredited breeder scheme become mandatory for every dog breeder.

    Defra is aware of the Kennel Club’s accredited breeder scheme and is urging the Kennel Club to gain UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Scheme) Accreditation. The accredited breeder scheme is a welcome step towards more responsible dog breeding and Defra would encourage other breeding clubs to set up similar schemes.

    The Kennel Club, while being a key stakeholder in ongoing matters concerning the breeding of pedigree dogs, is not considered the “official governing body” of dogs, nor will it be so in the future.

    In the aftermath of the BBC documentary, “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”, The Kennel Club, together with the Dogs Trust, commissioned Sir Patrick Bateson, emeritus professor of ethology at Cambridge University, to conduct an independent inquiry into dog breeding. This report is due to be published in January.

    Further Information

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    For many years a lot of working dog breaders have been at loggerheads with the KC. There is no proof that that dog mated with that bitch. Genetic lines were too incestuous and this was acceptable to the KC. Traits that should have been bred out were highlighted as much sought after. The ridgeback being the prime example. Show breeds and working breeds got wider apart. Many breeders formed their own breed standards. Collies being the prime example of that. A friend, a collie fanatic, was asked to breed from her bitch because it was the sister of a champion. Beatiful dog but lower jaw greatly overshot. KC would never have mentioned the fact. Now it wants to clean up its act and be top dog or the only dog in the registration field. Watch their prices rise.

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