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Thread: Short notice Africa cull hunt

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    Short notice Africa cull hunt

    We have just been asked to cull 60+ Blesbuck on one of our hunting areas on the boundaries of Limpopo and Mpumalaga provinces in South Africa, so we are offering them out as an affordable cull hunt to anyone able to put together or join a team of four hunters and confirm by 20th January 2014.

    Location: Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

    Dates of hunt: End of March to Mid April 2014 (exact dates to suit hunting party)

    Accommodation: The accommodation is a basic farm lodge with simple facilities - clean, with showers and beds!

    Cull species: M/F Blesbuck @ £65; Management Zebra @ £400; Wildebeest @ £TBC

    Rates: £950 for full board accommodation (inc' beer / soft drinks), transfers to/from Johannesburg Airport, guiding / PH fees.

    For a team of 4 guns, this means you can have a week of cull hunting, shooting 15 animals each, for £1,925 plus flights. Deposits of 50% need to be paid by 20/01/2014.

    Does not include:

    - international air fares (Virgin Atlantic - our preferred airline when travelling with guns - are having a sale at the moment)
    - Trophy fees
    - Taxidermy or shipping of trophies
    - Tips to camp staff
    - Rifle permits @ £100 arranged in advance of arrival (we don't include this as a cost as we find many of our clients now have annual permits already)

    Drop me an email at if you are interested. I can provide references from other SD members who have hunted with us in Africa if required.
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    Is there any possibility you would put your cull animals in for free against an agreed trophy list ?


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    What rifle permits?


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    SAPS520 rifle permit is free from the Police Station in Jo'burg!!!

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    If you want to arrange your own rifle permits ahead of time via the South African Police, that's fine - plenty of our clients already do this and others use the paid-for service provided by PHASA or other paid expediters in the USA.

    If you want us to arrange your permit for you ahead of time, so that it is correct and to avoid a long delay at the SAPS office (mostly due to the fact that 70% of the guys there don't read or write English) than we will charge £100 for our time collecting your documentation here and getting it processed in RSA. It is the travellers choice, which is why we list it as a separate, non-included item.

    What I don't want is guests arriving in RSA after a long flight and then having to spend an unpredictable length of time in a queue of other hunters waiting for a permit to be issued when we could be on the road to the hunting camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1 View Post
    Is there any possibility you would put your cull animals in for free against an agreed trophy list ?


    Hi Terry,

    Drop me a PM or an email - getting these blesbok culled is a necessity, regardless of what other animals are shot as trophies, as we have already bought the quota and will need the grazing later in the season. That said, depending what else you want to hunt and how long you want to hunt, there's usually a deal to be done


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    Never waited more than half an hour at the SAPS office and then the officers were full of apology. They may take a little time to do the job but it gets done, no big deal.

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    To be honest guys I'm easy with the permits either way. Personally I take the view that when I land after a long flight I want to get moving into camp as soon as possible, crack open a cold one and chill out round a fire. For that reason I have always opted to pre arrange permits and pay the outfitters charge. Given we also can have upto eight of our own hunters arriving at any time with a variety of guns between them it just helps speed up the process as even fifteen minutes each is a couple of hours

    If you prefer to do the permits yourself on location then I'm just as chilled out sitting at the Illy coffee shop and building up my caffeine levels!!

    incidentally you you can send docs directly to SAPS yourself in advance and get pre arranged permits for free but Royal Mail quoted me £48 to post recorded delivery after the first class service was opened in RSA and the passport copies and flight details were taken. I would never send document copies unprotected again to Africa.


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    Looks like these are all gone now.


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