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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year from a highland lassie.

    I'm originally from the West Coast, Morar area, now living in Glasgow, and interested specifically in whether or not I'm allowed to look for produce on here, as I'm looking for hobby shots/game dealers etc that are happy to sell to private buyers. It's getting rare nowadays but with any luck that's allowed here and if not I'll just stick to the forums I know more about.

    I'm a dab hand at rabbits, pigeons, and ducks, but woodcock is definitely my favourite game bird. I shoot with a Browning B325 O&U Sporter, but can't tell you much more than that. It was my grandfathers gun before he upgraded and I must say I've never taken the time to learn more about it than how to use it and maintain it.

    I particularly enjoy working with produce to produce my own salamis, and cured meats etc, and enjoy the more "old fashioned" way of life. I eventually plan to make my way back to the crofting/self-sufficient way of life I was raised on.

    Having grown up on the sea I also love all aspects involving fishing, but again I'm not sure yet where the interests of this community run, but I'm looking forward to learning.

    In the mean time though, if I am allowed to ask if there's any guns looking to sell their excess, can someone tell me where to ask? If not.... Just let me know, and I'll shut up about it

    All I can say is, don't treat me like a lassie, I've got just as much muck on my boots as you boys! :p

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    Welcome to the SD

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    Welcome to the site, you will do fine I'm sure

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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