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Thread: first attempt at a tower

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    first attempt at a tower

    This is our first purpose built tower for some newish ground we got last season, we had 3 off here sat in deck chairs but as we get older and as the wind is normally straight into the wood we decided to buy the wood and build a tower, we got a mate whos a builder with the right tools to do the planning and we laboured for him and i think we will be more comfy now in all weathers and with the wind blowing our scent over the wood behind us...

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    Bit rough but it'll do for now. Could do with a heater and a small bar. Make the nights go smoother.

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    Don't forget to put a couple of private sign and a health and safety sign just to cover yourselves

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    What sort of signs mark, do not climb or private keep out ?? and ill get some made up. plus it is on private land with no footpaths are you still liable if they trespass and fall

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    Looks good,now to get the nags out as the paddock is like a desert atm.
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    Looks a cracking job that
    regards pete

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    Yes mate we have a high seat on private land and we have been told to erect danger keep off signs better save than sorry

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    Well done Apollo great job.

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    very posh mate you boy's getting a bit soft in your old age needing luxuries like that

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    Very impressive indeed. Do let us know of any success from it. Regards sbm

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