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Thread: Sako finnlite .260 rem ?

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    Sako finnlite .260 rem ?

    Anyone got a Sako Finnlite in .260 Rem that you use for deer stalking ? If so what do you think of it ?
    Can you get the ammo ? If you reload, what brass do you use and how do you get on with necking up/down from .243/.308 ?
    As part of my quest for lightness, this is a possible 'one rifle does it all' option.
    I shoot Muntjac, Roe, Fallow and the occasional Red.

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    My take is the 7-08 would be a much better deer cartridge, at any distance. 308 even better out to 300m.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    My take is the 7-08 would be a much better deer cartridge, at any distance. 308 even better out to 300m.
    Thanks edi but I'm not sure I can see 300m let alone shoot that far . I have a self imposed limit of 200m and that is only if I have a very stable position. Most of my shooting is done at far less i.e. 80 to 120m.

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    At least four different brands of 260 Rem brass are available -

    Spud and others can supply brass at competitive prices.

    I haven't tried necking other brass up or down yet. I might neck some surplus 243 Win brass up in the future.

    Factory ammo is available from among others the The Sportsman Guncentre, however it's not cheap.



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    I use a 260 , I love it . you can get lapua brass , I used to use 243 lapua necked up but use headstamped 260 now

    mine is in a pse E-Tac and although it look's like a 18lb sniper rifle it actually feels like a lightweight stalker?

    7-08 is another great round , nothing in it really between that and the 260.

    if you have access to a finnlight in 260 , stick a lightweight scope on it and a hardy mod and you'll be good to go !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Any cartridge out of the normal run of the mill stuff(ie 270, 243, 308) such as 7-08, 260 or 6.5-284 will be expensive, of limited types and suppliers far and few between. I can remember buying 260 factory rounds once and they were roughly 50% more expensive than similar 243 rounds. So going with what some might call exotic cartridges you are best to home load. When I had a 260 I had a free of charge supply of 243 cases so I just necked up without too much fuss. I could achieve sub .5moa groups out to 400m. Now that Lapua supply 260 cases I would probably use them. Cartridges like the 260 usually have bullets with a high BC's and therefore tend to shoot better than those with lower BC's at longer ranges in worse conditions(ie wind). I was talking to a rifle smith about a year ago and we talked about how sometimes you just cant get a rifle to shoot accurately no matter what you do. He described one particular rifle he had in which he couldnt get to shoot and said it was a finnlight. After a while he described another and said "funny enough it was a fiinlight too". Now I know that these might have been just two out of many finnlights that can shoot very well

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    Reloading is the best option for the .260.

    I use 129 grn Hornaday SP interlock in mine, Have tried 100 grn but bullets did not exit on Fallow.

    I also have a .308 and find the .260 seams to put more deer on the ground with fewer runners ( all heart/lung shots) especially Muntjack, My .260 is also a light stalking rifle Remington model 7 and wears a 8x50 Swarovski and SL5 mod.

    Good luck you wont be disappointed or underguned ,

    Forgot to say I use REM brass stamped .260 (safe option) as I also have a .243 and the afore mentioned .308
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    When I collected my rifle from the builder I asked what he would recommend if I wanted to have a light weight hill rifle built, without hesitation he recommended the .260, said that ballistically it was enough gun to put reds in the larder, but could be built light enough to carry all day. If you do go down the 7 08 route you are welcome to the brass I use as I don't have time or skill to reload, don't shoot 100's a year probably 40/50.

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    "Most of my shooting is done at far less i.e. 80 to 120m" Excellent attitude. In terms of MV, flatness and energy, there is nothing that walks in the UK that a 260 Rem cannot handle.

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