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Thread: posting centre fire mods

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    posting centre fire mods

    just wondering if i can send a mod to a rfd to be transfered to someone else or do i have to take it to my rfd to post to another rfd like you would do a shotgun firearm etc

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    99% sure its a restricted item like a rifle so you will have to deliver it to the rfd yourself (by hand) for transfer.



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    I sent a rifle to PRS in the north of Scotland and it went by courier,i,m sure Calum arranged the postage and the courier came to the door and picked the rifle up. Calum told me to put the rifle in a hard case and seal it up and that was it,again when the work was done Calum phoned me and the rifle was deliverd back,hope this helps but call your RFD and they should be able to orginise it for you.

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    I had a problem with a T8 a couple of years back got in touch with Jackson rifles they told me to send it direct to them royal male regastard post.
    They replced it & sent it back to me all that they needed to see was a copy of my cert showing that i had a T8 mod on my ticket.


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    Mods must go with registered carrier.

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    Mods can go by post, just as you can walk into an RFD and buy one without an FAC.

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    I was under the impression that if you were having work done on a rifle then you could post it to the RFD and it would be returned to you direct by the RFD. The rifle always remaining your property and staying on you ticket. However any sales / transfer etc would have to be done face to face or via RFD as the rifle would be going to be taken off your ticket.

    Now as mods are entered on your certificate, and especially as according to my local forces firearm department they can be involved in a one for one swap for a rifle, I would have thought that logically the same rules would apply.

    But what's logic got to do with it Have you tried a call to your FEO? that should give us at least one more take on it.


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    Intresting point you have raised. My Wildcat Predator is proofed on the sleeve section, so if I dismantled it and replaced the sleeve, which is dead easy now have none proofed moddy!!!!!.

    Also if you changed the front baffle section you could use the moddy on a different calibre eg .223 to .243, which I may well do ( assuming also rear bush is same dia or replaced and the thread is the same)

    On my cert have moddies for my FAC air rifle and .22lr, neither of which are proofed or identifiable.

    Just goes to show what a shambles the current FAC laws/interpretaion is.

    As I currently understand you can buy a non FAC moddy mail order, but not a FAC one which has to be face to face or through the official route.

    But how would anybody know what was in a recorded packet at x mas time?


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    thanks for your help i was a bit carefull in my original post i was not the one posting the mod some one was posting it ito me andthought it had got lost in the post royal mail you see, but it turned up today the guy was a registered rfd but i didnt know this ,i thought he just banged it in the post box and sent it to my rfd but all things are now sorted he just enclosed a copy of this ticket and rfd number

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