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Thread: Sierra 2125's 308 BTSP. 150gn.

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    Sierra 2125's 308 BTSP. 150gn.

    Just a couple of pictures of a bullet recovered from a Munty Buck shot on 8th Nov 2013.

    It was doing about 2730fps with a ME of about 2480ftlb.
    The range was 25yds and as the buck was departing I snap shot it through the high shoulder aiming for the heart/lung area, the bullet entered forward of the diaphragm close to the spine and the deer dropped to the shot.
    At the gralloch I saw no exit wound, the rumen was totally blown, don't know whether by fragments or hydraulic shock?
    The retained bullet weight is only 50gns.
    On reflection the bullet may have hit a twig on it's way in?
    What do you think?

    Out yesterday with another stalker from on here, thanks for a fab outing I was lucky enough to take 2 Fallow Does from a herd of 9, worth another write up but not here! ( If he agrees it's ok?)
    Anyway one of the Does at the gralloch was found to have a blown rumen, again the wound track was forward of the diaphragm but slightly quartering and through and through. The range was about 30 yds and no twigs were involved. it staggered in an uncoordinated way for about 30 yds.

    Not good results other than the knock down power?
    I suppose rib fragments could be involved?

    Comments please?

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    If the deer died quickly and nearby then i guess the bullet did it's job. Sierra often seem to be considered soft and it looks like they they might have been going a little fast at impact but there aren't many perfect impacts. When something like that breaks up there is no longer a shoulder to stabilise it and so the bits could fly off in any direction plus, as you say, there will be bits of bone in the mix as well. I'm a fan of the nosler partition as the 150 grain 308 partition seems to have a soft front core that expands well and does a lot of damage but the jacket and rear core appear pretty stable and they keep going in the intended direction. Despite this your bullets are killing the deer so while the result may not look like a photo from a shooting magazine the real world outcome is just fine.
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    I use the same bullet in my .308

    I have not checked the MV however, I normally get a very neat exit on Sika, which is a tough animal. They may well be a soft bullet but they seem to hold together well to offer such a neat exit hole.

    Your first picture shows I think a bullet whose core has separated from the jacket, and with the jacket recovered the heavy lead core has taken most of the bullet weight with it.

    There is a New Zealand website, I'll try and find it, that has a huge section on bullet performance, based on hundreds and hundreds of shots taken at game with all the popular bullet choices. It makes very good reading but we have to remember that every single shot taken at deer is made up with varying factors from the next shot, sometime drastically so. Therefore, if the odd one or two don't cause the response you expected, I wouldn't worry. If it happens time after time, then perhaps a review of the components is required given the game pursued.

    Here it's here, great site and lots of very good info...


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    On the four deer I took last year using Sierra Game Kings, two of them had just the jacket remaining under the far side skin next to the exit would. The deer basically piled up on impact. I couldn't complain about that. ~Muir
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    Attachment 36442

    exit roe buck some years ago 150 pr hunter 50p size hole

    I use 150's .308 in pro-hunter not had a problem with the core leaving the jacket unless its hit a bone such as a shoulder, starting to test Nosler 125gr BT Hunting green tip paper only at the mo seams a nice round .
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    In my experience the boat tailed bullets seem more prone to losing the core than the flat based bullets. Why not try the 150g pro hunters instead of the game king

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    A boat tail bullet is always more prone to the core slipping from the jacket on impact than a flat base, as there is less base area to form a mechanical lock to the core . However as you have recovered the bullet , and therefore the deer............ the question must be asked............ AT precisely what point in the animals death did the bullet fail ??????

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    The bullet did a fine job , if it shoots straight from your rifle and deer are dropping quickly what more can you ask for. Very close shots ofter result in bullets coming apart and no exit.

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    Just this last week I recovered three 6.5mm Speer 120g flat base spitzer bullets from a hardwood log that I had pinned a target to. I was expecting the bullets to have come apart spectacularly but they had retained between 80 and 98% of their weight. I was most impressed! Can't see much need for boat tail bullets for most stalking to be honest.

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    25-30 yards and your HL shooting them? i'd be heading or necking them at that range personally ? (no worries about bullet performance then)

    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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