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Thread: Who nicks hens.. freaks?!?

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    Who nicks hens.. freaks?!?

    In short someone nicked our three hens last night, was not a fox, there's no signs of a struggle or feathers scattered. Just to be sure though the cat food is out in the garden with trailcam ready. If it was a ninja charlie I'm going to turn it inside out with firepower. They were good fat hens, not impressed as you do grow attached to them with all there following you about a mad antics. Mrs not happy either...

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    There was a lot of it going on round here last summer/autumn beggars belief really, as most weren't collectible rare ones, just boggo standard ones......
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    Any neighbours look like this geezer?

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    How weird. A few weeks back we herd a noise,thought,fox and went to see lamp and shotgun in tow.
    Couldn't see anything, then inside the the house,herd a car drive away.Next day went to check the chickens and three out of the six we had seperated had been stolen.
    Sad ****s,but the three they got wern't laying anyway,had they of asked,they probably would have gotten a couple.

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    Anything that is not nailed down.

    Some wee bastid came into my yard one night three weeks ago and stole a pile of my firewood. Must have been three or four days work in that pile.

    Cops do feck all, it is a free for all around here at night this past few years.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Agreed, you defo can get attatched to the chickens you keep.

    Watching them run about the garden is a great way to wind down.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    they are not expensive animals but were in great condition. I think what makes it worse is that because they are nice fat hens they're probably heading in some gits oven. Will have to get some more before the kids notice

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    any mink or pine martins in the area, their known for stealing hens and small birds

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    This is just sad, who would want to take someones elses chicken it is just not right. I hope whoever took them gets what they deserve. Whatever goes around comes around. regatds sbm

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    Paul were you keeping them as pets or were they oven ready.

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