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Thread: Mounting my first trophy

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    Mounting my first trophy

    Can someone put me in the right direction to get my hands on some peroxide? Also where can I get a wooden mounting shield?Im in Shropshire

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    Great thank you seems obvious! But I'd never of known

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    Jelen have some heat videos on YouTube about trophy prep, well worth a watch if you want some tip on boiling etc...

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    You can certainly use the cream peroxide that hairdressers use, and it works well enough, you say it's your first trophy no doubt there will be plenty more to follow, then you may find that the liquid is more cost effective 5 litres of 35% for under 20. Including delivery on that well known auction site, 5 litres will do close to 200 heads if used carefully.

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    Now iv got to persuade the misses that a set of deer antlers in the house is a good idea

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