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Thread: Second Doe of the season.........

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    Second Doe of the season.........

    I went out on a bit of land yesterday with a friend,it does lend itself perfectly to Roe stalking,and,it has three Poplar plantations where the deer like to spend their days.I sent my mate off to circle round the top field and along the bottom of the far plantation while I positioned myself at the top end of a hedgeline that gave me a good view of the top of two of the plantations,so,if he bumped a Doe or two there was a good chance that they might take flight across either of the top two fields.I glassed the top of both of the plantations waiting for a sign when I heard the delightful sound of a Tikka T3 barking out,a few minutes later the mobile started to vibrate,yes the first Doe was down,and,he told me that he had indeed bumped a few more(all Does)that went straight on through the plantation.I told him that I would make my way down towards where I thought they might be as it is imperative that both parties knows exactly where the other is at any one time.I trust this mate implicitly and I am very picky about who I shoot with,so,I always feel safe in the knowledge that I am not going to shoot anyone and not going to get shot myself.Anyway,I crept along the hedgeline that went to the next and smaller of the three plantations,and,as I carefully peered around the corner I just saw a very slight movement,and there inbetween the poplar stands was the white caudal disc and anal tush of a good size Roe Doe,she was about 80 yds away,but,to get a safe shot off I was going to have to get a fair bit further around the corner.I have to be honest,I didn't actually think I would get round there before she ran off,but,they aren't very easily spooked on this land as they don't see too many people at all and they aren't put under any real pressure and I got into a position whereby I could get a decent head shot,and she dropped like a kick,and,it was all over.From the left of where that Doe had been though sprang another that I hadn't seen,I probably could of dropped her as well,but,we had two,so no need to be greedy.All in all a very good morning with great company which is what I do it for,and,I guess a lot of you out there do as well.Here she is........................


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    nice write up great result
    ATB pete.

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    Good do mate. Great write up.

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    Well done Martin,nice write up

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    Getting amoungst them martin 8)


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