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Thread: Five, sorry about that

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    Five, sorry about that

    Gentlemen. It would be remiss of me not to mention our National Happiness at last with a picture of this old wicketkeeper's hand.
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    I noticed Mitchell Johnson showing the Barmy Army the five fingers this arvo after they gave him their usual razzing.

    No gloating from me,just a smug smile of happiness.
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    Well done guys, our team was sh!t in the end, nobody can say you didn't deserve the 5 wins.



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    Good job it's only a game innit! Enjoy fella's!!
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    A thoroughly deserved victory by the Aussies. Go ahead and gloat lads, we would if the boot was on the other foot. Geoff Boycott made some choice comments that summed up our performance.


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    Looking back the writing was on the wall from the start Grant. enjoy the win it was a long time coming for you guys.
    Pity that the series wasnt up to much really, i think both teams were below par but ours more so mate.
    Im going to time my visit to yours when there is no rugby/cricket etc going on i think. LOL
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    We'd lost by close of play on day 2 of the first test... Great intimidation by the Aussies that our boys just couldn't hack, and it went downhill from there.

    Well played and we look forward to giving you a better fight in 18 months time!
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