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Thread: Custom anschutz

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    Custom anschutz

    I have posted this before on ukv but I
    thought some of you may like to see this aswell.
    Its an anschutz 1710 dhb in a staffordshire synthetic stock which is fully bedded with pillars and is a clone of the a3-5 stock.
    Basically the itch started for a rifle like this when I shot my friends 1710 and I saw how accurate these rifles are!
    Having shot smallbore comps I was well used to the anschutz match 54 action and I know these rifles can shoot!!
    After having bought one I could not get used to the standard stock and so I tang Danny in Staffordshire synthetics and he was very helpful and I explained what I was after and the answer was 'no problem Gaz!'
    So off it went to Staffordshire to get kitted out!
    I wanted a vertical pistol grip style stock which was fully adjustable and quite light!
    I had thought about keeping my smallbore comp anshutz for this as th stock was brilliant and fitted me perfectly but the rifle was just too heavy and cumbersome plus it was single shot, which isnt the end of the world but I wanted it to be a mag fed rifle so I wouldnt have to carry fiddly .22 rounds in my pockets.
    Ontop I added a bushnell 6500 elite mildot scope which parallaxes down to 10 yards and the clarity is excellent!
    I want this rifle for bunnies, informal target up to silly ranges where people will be telling me 'thats impossible to hit with a .22!' (they may be right with me behind the butt!) lol
    So here are some pics for you to glare at of my light .22lr hunter/target tactical style rifle which has exceeded my expectations and the stock is top banana! (thanks Danny)
    Its nice to have summit different though!
    Its not the size of youre weapon, its what you do with it that counts!!

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    One more

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