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Thread: binoculars

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    hi looking for a pair for stalking 8x42 or 10x42 i have about 300 to spend any recommendations,

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    Have a look on Viking optical centers some good bargains in the sale. Their own e d pro are excellent and they had ex demo at half price but have all makes

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    If you can live with 50mm, you can usually catch Nikons on sale with amazon or ebay.... Just be patient...

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    Try and get a set of minox hg's I got a set of 8.5x43 hg's and there awsome for the money!! I think I paid 325 for them secondhand!! Or have a look at remmy's doctor 8x42's for sale on here, nice brite optics as well!!

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    I think that minox binos give a lot of performance for their price. I paid 400 for my 8.5x43HGs new so am sure you'd get them secondhand for the money you have otherwise you can look at their new options. I think there are several people on the forum who are minox dealers so have at them and get yourself a good deal.
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    Minox every time for less than 300! Fantastic value for money coupled with excellent performance and a 5 year warranty. German glass at a Chinese price?

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    I got a pair of these;

    Bushnell Elite HD 8x42 ED Binoculars |

    A little bit more than you suggested but I think they are really good for the money!

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    keep your money and save another 300 and get yourself a pair of zeiss !! Im in same boat as you and im as tight as they come but tell you what start of febuary ill be ordering a pair!! they are night and day tried the bushnells hds and the minox hds great optics but nothing compared with my mates zeiss ,that last bit before total dark u notice the difference, if your really on a budget check out uttings they were doing a set of zeiss terras at 3/400 i think ,

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    You can also get the new zeiss terra range and there under 300 new, I haven't herd much reports about them but they are zeiss so......

    zeiss say they have the same schott lenses as the rest of there range just different coating so may be worth a look!

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