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Thread: Chamois hunting Wanted

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    Chamois hunting Wanted

    Hi All
    Chamois hunting is something I've always wanted to do, I don't necessarily want a big trophy just want to experience the type of hunt.

    Any body got any good contacts preferably in Austria but open to offers.

    Might even be able to do something along the lines of a swap hunt????
    Roe, Muntjac, Fallow in England??
    Found quite a few outfitters who offer it on the Internet but would rather hunt somewhere someone has recommended
    Any ideas

    Cheers Wayne

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    wayne, i've seen some big ones in halfords


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    But not big enough for you to hit ehh mate??

    You asked for it


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    WAYNE get your self over to new zealand mate and hunt them for free!!
    i have a good contact for a outfitter if needed with a good reputation,
    they are in rut may/june time.
    cheers jewy

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    PM sent Wayne


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    I went to Austria with Diana in November. It is hard work and in no way cheap, a medal will cost 1000's! Bosnia and Croatia are cheaper but there are less chamois.

    I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy myself but it was a case of let's go shoot your two deer and then I can get on with other stuff......

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    I hunted them in New Zealand last year, without luck although I went at the wrong time of year. I would be able to put you on to the UK outfitter if you wanted, the trip would I guess work out less than a European trip even taking into account airfares.



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    Hi All
    Thanks for all your help and pm's.

    Bucksden, that bugger would still be too quick for you


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    Hi, Wayne,

    Chamois is everythig but not cheap at all. I think you could find some permit quite afordable in France and Austria (close to Salzbourgh maybe a joung male around 600 and an old female -nice trphy anyway around 900). I will ask to a German friend who often has some permit there.

    Kind regards


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