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Thread: Roe stalking in buckinghamshire for free

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    I have available some roe stalking in buckinghamshire.
    I have been shooting over some land for the past 20 years and the deer numbers have been increasing nice and slowly, but as of 2012/2013 the number i now have in residence are 2 roe bucks, 7 roe hinds and a pair of munjac. So i feel that now may be the time to cull some of the roe does before a population explosion in the spring.
    The reason for placing this advert is that i dont stalk the deer, i shoot foxes, pigeon, crows, rabbits and rats on the farm and i also enjoy my wildfowling trips around the uk. Im also out at least 4 evenings a week with the night vision gear. I have a .243 so im perfectly capable of pulling a triger. But i have no personal experience of deer stalking and how many does or which animals should be culled.

    This shooting is free with the following criteria:
    It can be for two guns. You will have "dsc2", the beasts will be gralloched on site and the land owner will take the carcases to be finished. you will have a 01296 or 01844 home phone number. The pair of muntjac are not to be taken out. The farm is 5 miles from aylesbury.

    Unless you can meet the above criteria please dont pm me, and please dont slag me off on this forum as im giveing someone the chance of some free stalking.

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    Fantastic offer shame im not closer !

    Your in box will be full in no time, i would think you want to take out 3-4 roe does and see how that goes.

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    A ray of hope in this crazy world.

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    well done brillant offer

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    Great offer and all credit to you

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    That is a great offer but my phone number fails the test, what with the 0208 and so on...

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    This is a great chance,for some one,well done,great offer

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    Wow, what a great offer got the above, but wrong numbers. Bit like the lotto. Lol.

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    Great offer , this is what its all about, I hope you get the right people
    K C Rimmington

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