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Thread: just had a great stalk with KevinF

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    just had a great stalk with KevinF

    Just been out with Kevin for the first time he was recommended by someone on this site, had a great day Kevin is a really nice guy. the land we stalked on was mixed open fields and woodland.. he is my notes... great stalk started at first light 7am, walked a short way along edge of first open field , walk alone a ride to get to next field and spotted a Roe Doe about 150m into the field , I started to move in on the Roe and close the distance down for a shot of sticks as I moved forward I spotted 2 move Roes Does in the same field they were out of sight before as bushes on the edge of the ride were obstructing my view.. I had to make a fast choice if I moved in on the 1st Roe I spotted the other 2 could have seen me and made them all run.. I put my sticks down and set up my Bi pod (fast) I made my choice on the Roe Doe in the center and crawled as far as I could the was a mist so I was unable to use my range finder.. but looked like a 120m shot the doe was side on so I checked back stop which was good and took the shot H/L , the Doe went down looked like a good shot. the doe then jumped up and moved about 10meter and fell.. I waited then moved in check eye response none so did grallch. so I will be going very soon just need to buy a new freezer or get eating as my freezer is full

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    spot on, sounds like you had fun 8)

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    great day with Kevin.. I then did a trip to bisley to try and see the sako 123gr bullet drop first hand at 300yrds.. just going over the data now..

    here a pic

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    Thicker than a very thick thing

    Andy -

    Picture shows how thick the fog was on Wednesday.

    You did well and I'd recommend you to all on the Forum as a safe and thoughtful stalker.



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    Congratulations to both of you, on a successful and enjoyable stalk.

    Great result all round!



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    Well done Andy

    Thats a great looking doe..

    Good on you Kevin recomending him to all on his safety and thoughtfulness..

    You did well sending five out of five home with one in the bag



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