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    thanks for help

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    Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:47 am Post subject: ds
    1just wanted to say thanks for your help being new to something is daunting and to be able to get help is well it makes the difference in staying at it and getting better at it again thanks to those who helped

    my experience and this is my reply in general

    i am in a very similar situation having had the very same dsc1 instruction and passing in very similar circumstances only difference i had stalked before only a few times i may add
    i also requested any stalking on this stalking directory my post was i know its late it didn't get any replies,
    but i did receive two pms which where both very helpful and i am thankful for the help they gave me cheers guys
    one of the pms was a introduction to Michael
    this week i have had three outings with Michael and i can concur with your sentiments completely. Michael is a true gentleman and helpful stalker he has a wonderful and very thought invoking set-up when ranges around the country are being closed like prohibition he has gone underground clever man
    any way to the stalking distance was the reason i went for Michael initially. the other pm i would use if i was closer really nice folk
    first stalk after checking my rifle and having a small problem with my scope we used one of Michaels guns we did see deer but they where kannie and would not come off skyline for a shot

    i went back to Michaels thursday evening having fitted my zeiss and zeroed my rifle in the TUBE
    second outing was on the land where the high seat was positioned you mentioned on walking down the hill three deer presented themselves these where at about 220 230 yrds two shots and two red deer were on the grass,
    what was amazing was the size of the beast on the third outing again we saw deer no shot taken shot would of been 450 yds plus i will be using Michael again soon
    good luck lets not tell to many folk we wont get any dates javascript:emoticon('')javasc

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    theres some real good blokes on here gadget and adamant to name two

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    what a fantastic end to a nightmare start, but looks like you are all sorted now
    Mike is a great bloke and i for one can't sing his praises enough
    but you are right about one thing
    lets not tell every one about him, as you lot are shooting all my deer
    best of luck to you in your future stalks

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    cheers stone
    yep could of been a bad experience alls well that ends well as they say
    regards bally

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