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Thread: Gamekeepers Christmas Box

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    Gamekeepers Christmas Box


    I have my stalking on a 4,000 acre sporting estate for which I do not pay any fee. Anything I shoot is sold through the estate game shop although I can take a carcasse for a fee. It is a fair arrangement which I don't exploit, going out on the ground once a month or so.

    What do you think would be a good Christmas gift to the head 'keeper in recognition of his generosity (he could charge me a significant fee per outing or per annum) and to help maintain continuation of this arrangement into the future?


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    a good bottle of scotch my good man,not bells/grouse but a good bottle

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    If I was the keeper I would love a large bottle (1ltr) of 10/15 year old straight malt and throw in a nice large box of chocs for the wife


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    Give him dinner for 2 at a local hotel, done and dusted !

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockingod
    If I was the keeper I would love a large bottle (1ltr) of 10/15 year old straight malt and throw in a nice large box of chocs for the wife

    I would second a gift for his Mrs but i would make it a large flower arrangement. Matey will get it right in the neck for her sudden hip expansion!!
    Personally i think a gesture towards the guys wife is equally important as a gesture to the guy himself.

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    Speaking from a keepers point of veiw, yes a good bottle of malt is a nice gesture but to be honest bottles of whiskey are a common gift.
    It sounds like you have a really good thing going which is worth alot of money to some people so you should treasure it.
    If I were the keeper then I would appreciate being taken with my wife to a good country inn for a quality meal and decent wine to boot.
    Taking him out like this also cements your relationship with him and the estate and produces a double whammy as he gets to take the missus out and it dosent cost him!!!


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    Any of the above will be taken as intended, my buddy & I always do a tour of the farmers/ landowners etc, with the bottle/s & chocs /flowers, so small an effort brings so much in return. but we always try to find out earlier in the year what the latest guys preferred poison is

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    Thanks all for the suggestions, I was thinking something similar e.g.

    - a case of good wine

    - half dozen bottles good scotch

    - meal for 2/4 in a nice restaurant/inn

    - cash (but probably not as cash gifts usually leave an off taste in the mouth)

    Any other ideas?

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    I give one of my landowners who lets me shoot his trophy Roe a days simulated game shooting on a top notch set up on local estate.

    Otherwise i give others good quality game cartridges (but expensive @ £240 per 1000)!

    Parsons leather cartridge bag with initials?

    Once i gave a 4x4 experience half day voucher as he loves offroading

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