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Thread: 52" Rifle slip suggestions

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    52" Rifle slip suggestions

    I am looking for a new rifle slip that will take a rifle with a moderator and bipod attached.

    The total length of the rifle with the mod on is 52", which limits the options and I don't want to spend AIM prices.

    So far I have found these possibles:

    Is there anything else that I should be considering?

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    don't get the buffalo rivers not well made the shoulder strap on my one came away cost me a new scope

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    Quote Originally Posted by african jack View Post
    don't get the buffalo rivers not well made the shoulder strap on my one came away cost me a new scope
    Thanks, I was a bit suspicious of the price so I'll knock that off the list!

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    Got one from bushwear made by croots
    Rifle Slip (Green) Scope Bipod Sound Mod Full Length Zip 52"
    Code: 317406 £49.99

    Product Overview
    • Fits rifle with scope, bipod and mod
    • Features a full length
    • 52" in length.

    Rifle Slip (Green) Scope Bipod Sound Mod Full Length Zip 52"


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    Try Country Covers, very well made.

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    One suggestion is not to transport with the mod on...

    Mine only goes on when the rifle comes out of the drag bag, along with magazine and bolt, then all off again when back at the car.
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    I had a Country Covers - stitching came apart and was just not very well made in the end, despite looking very good for the first few months.

    Then got an unbranded one very similar to the Garlands in style (i.e 2 pockets on outside but without rucksack straps. That went the same way an dilated little more than several seasons of use.

    Just bit the bullet and bought an AIM, spud1967 did me a good deal, and I am so far very impressed. It looks good quality and is military spec so should last for a bit of rabbiting/lamping use.

    Buy cheap, buy twice (or in my case 3 times!) - you seem to get what you pay for. And thinking about the cost, I'll easily pay £100+ on a mountaineering rucksack and the engineering on an AIM bag seems to be more than would be in a rucksack.

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    I bought a 54" one of these 4 years ago but not from these people:

    Since then I have used this a lot without any problems, it is well padded and will take my 26" barrelled rifle with mod on, large NV scope with illuminator fitted and bipod as well.

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    If you can sqeeze it in and afford it one of these,really strong.

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    Just changed mine to one from Phil Ogden. First class. 0161 620 2190 Mobile: 07779 429 085.

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