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Thread: Chiller Unit Advice

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    Chiller Unit Advice

    Hi There,

    I have recently purchased an insulated box (Hubbard 460 off the back of a chiller van) its roughly 8'x6'x6' but the actual chiller unit is goosed. Do you have any suggestion of where to get a portable unit to chill down to a suitable temp for storing deer carcasses. Preferably connecting into the house mains, and also any idea of costs? All the things i seem to find are big industrial units at thousands of pounds.

    Cheers BB

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    ****EM270 is selling a chiller trailer on here, pm him and see what the story is. I know the unit works and is on normal house socket so could well be of use evn as just the unit as opposed to the whole thing.


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    Did you know it was goosed before buying it?

    I bought a tesco one which is the GAH chillers and he had loads of those he had taken off for sale on a pallet at a couple of hundred pounds, can pass you on details.

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    Have a word with keith aka Sikadog on here he is a fridge engineer and is very helpful and may be able to sort you out

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    8'x6'x6' ! That's sides of beef , that is

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    If you want some impartial advice give me a PM

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    Thanks for the help guys. I did no it wasn't working as it had lay for a while, the guy said it may just need regassed but it was free of charge so can't really complain, looks pretty much intact as well so not sure what the problem is. Will send a pm directly sikadog

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