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Thread: Phillipson Peerless rod

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    Phillipson Peerless rod

    For any connoisseurs out there, heres a wee gem in the rough.

    Phillipson Peerless 86 #6 bamboo fly rod, Dry Fly Special, including tube, cloth pouch and 2 tips.

    Rod is virtually unused, literally like new,,but did have the whippings on the lower ring replaced with henna brown like the original it seems. Hardly noticeable, and why they were replaced for one ring on a virtually new rod Im not sure, potentially due to a ring issue rather than due to wear.

    Retail used in the US for between $800 used and $1,200 in very good condition, so I will be pricing this at 600 including P&P.

    Pictures upon request if you are genuinely interested please.

    Thanks for looking


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    Attachment 36574Attachment 36575Attachment 36576Attachment 36577

    pictures attached.

    decided it was a bit aspirationally priced for the UK market as it's more of a US based following for these classic rods, so 350 plus P&P will seal the deal. BTW, this is a fully working and functional rod that wants to go fishing, this is not a wall-piece!

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