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Thread: Mauser M03 barrel 9.3x62

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    Mauser M03 barrel 9.3x62

    9.3x62 Mauser M03 barrel with open sights comes with 87 rounds of Norma factory ammunition. If you have one of the following calibres then it's a simple drop in, not need to change magazine or bolt head:

    8x57 IS

    This was previously advertised as sold, but the Gentleman who's bought the rifle in 6.5 has decided not to take the 9.3 barrel, which is absolutely fine so it's back up for sale.

    I'm looking for 600 for this collected but may be interested in a trade against a nice .22 LBP or a S&W or H&K .22 semi auto



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    Still available.....

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    Still available.......

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    Wish my variation had come through quicker mate & i would of took the whole package off you!!

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    Still available....

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    Still here......

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    Was the travel case sold by any chance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Was the travel case sold by any chance?
    Yes bud it's sold

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    Do you still have the Mauser 03 9.3 X 62 barrel for sale?

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    I attempted to send you a prime message but was unable to. Consequently, if you still have the 9.3x62 barrel for sale, please contact me at (210) 602-0506.

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