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Thread: Would it really be worth the money

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    Would it really be worth the money

    Hi Everyone
    A Happy New Year to you all.
    I would like to pose a question to you regarding night vision
    My present setup is

    Tikka t3 Super Varmint .222Rem
    Swarovski 8x56 Habicht
    Nightmaster 800 with extension and red led
    Cree xml-t6 with white LED and red filter for scanning

    So far, I have been really happy with the setup, being able to identify Mr Fox
    by eye at good range and by 100 % identification at around 300 mts or so.
    Most of my shots are in the 100-150mt range and most of my foxing is solo on foot.

    OK, the question.
    With the success that I am experiencing with my setup, do those who have used the recent digital setups
    feel that the benefit is worth the changeover,cost and hassle of having what is essentially a dedicated setup?
    Looking at the Yukon Photon and such like, they seem to do well but are they all that they say.
    I'd be keen to hear any comments that anyone who has used the kit,cares to make.
    I know you only get what you pay for,but how much do you need to pay to get a deal of satisfaction.
    I've just been reading Paddy_SP's book, 'A Foxers Year' and its really got me thinking......Brilliant read Paddy well done !!!
    Thanks Guys
    All the best

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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it...... I doubt anyone that spent the extra and bought the fancy stuff is gonna tell you anything other than "hell yea it's worth it"!

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    Alanskirk i have a D760 on my T3 super varmint and a pas 14 as a spotter it all depends on how much foxing your going to do and on how much you want to spend

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    You will not get anything like the quality of sight picture you are used to with a digital NV set up. As has been said, why the need to change? If they are getting harder to get onto, that is an indication of your success.

    Using NV and thermal is a fundamentally different sort of hunting as far as I am concerned - no less enjoyable, but a very different MO required. As to is it worth the hassle - only you will be able to answer that in trying it and seeing how you get on. Scott Country do a loan scheme and I would heartily recommend getting some time out with some different types before you commit to anything. As has been said, you can pretty much spend as much as you want.

    If you do want to give it a go, I would recommend going to an NV spotter over your changing your shot kit and technique in the first instance. If you know where it is before you get to put light on it, you should get good results still with the lamp. Being able to spend time getting onto a target by understanding its movements and outwitting it is for me more satisfying than actually pulling the trigger - but if you're doing it as a job, then you need the process to be as efficient as possible. I rarely lamp these days - and love working the targets under NV and thermal to get the best results - and they can still outdo you if you're not careful!
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    Good question - I too was thinking of posting similar.

    Paddy's book is great, I had to prise it off my father first who read it over the holidays, but I am now well in to it! I think he should be on commission (if you aren't already Paddy!) - I am sure many people will be looking at NV now seeing your results - although I know that is only a small part of your successes, you have to have the fieldcraft regardless of NV or not.

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    Hi Alanskirk
    I was in your position a year ago, i dident know what to do, i have always had a PS22 spotter then i bought the Photon, and then exchanged it for the DFA75,and now bought a high grade Longbow .
    The Longbow is fantastic BUT i think i had more fun with my NM800 torch as you have , so my advice is get a good NV spotter first then decide which path you want to go down .

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    Ive got a DFA75. I shoot more rats and rabbits with it, but my hit rate at foxes is still the same as if I was using a night force scope mounted 170. I can pick them up further out it, does not mean I can call them in to shot but it does not now make them lamp shy.
    The main advantage for me is that all 5 of my rifles have 56mm end objectives on the scopes so it is easy to swap over if I start the evening doing rats and then move onto foxes.

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    95% of my shooting is with nv. Well maybe 98%.
    Foxes, rabbits, rats. Love it. As Eric says it is a different way of doing it. I love it.
    Now if that rain would Feic off so I can get back out.

    the best way to find out if it is for you is to go out and find someone with the kit and try it. Loads talked about it but try before you buy.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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