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Thread: .30-06 & .300WSM Data

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    .30-06 & .300WSM Data

    Firstly, Happy New Year!!!

    Now for the question... Yes, you're all probably saying in your minds, naaaa, not again?! But I'm contemplating putting in for a variation to get rid of the .22wmr slot and adding either .30-06 or .300wsm?!
    What I'd like from you all is your wise wisdom please...
    Calibre. Homeload or Factory rounds and load data. Rifle make and barrel length, oh and lastly your quarry and results

    I know it's a lot to ask but you'd be helping me in probably make my final acquisition to my licence as I already have a .243 which I'll never part with.

    Thanks in advance



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    Been using a Tikka T3 Varmint .300wsm for the last 7 years.
    Homeload either 165gr Sierra soft points or 168gr Barnes TSX's over H4350.
    Shot 3 UK deer species and 15 different African species. Great combination.

    That said I could have done the same job with a .30 06...

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    Hi J, don't discount a 270wsm either. Plenty fast, flat and hard hitting enough for anything that lives in the UK, and then some.

    Have shot Muntjac, roe, fallow, red and roe with mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floyd View Post
    Hi J, don't discount a 270wsm either. Plenty fast, flat and hard hitting enough for anything that lives in the UK, and then some.

    Have shot Muntjac, roe, fallow, red and roe with mine.
    Hmmmm??? I never considered that calibre?! I have seen the .270win in action too and I was impressed. Recoil was quite manageable and as you've said, will do everything for all uk species plus Boar?! Hmmmm... I'll have to look into that too
    Cheers Steve

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    I bought a 30-06 last year, I recently started bashing (literally) out homeloads with a Lee loader and some old 170gr Nosler SP's and 46gr of Varget I love the simplicity of it, I haven't had much of a chance to tweak the load to get it a little more accurate so it's shooting around 1" - 1 1/2" group at 100 yards and works well on the roe/foxes I've shot with it so far...

    My main use rifle is a 243 and I love that but the 30-06 is a nice slow recoiling rifle to shoot, it also gives me the option to shoot pretty much anything I will ever encounter and is commonly recognised globally.



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    30-06 because it's a classic,.300 win mag if you feel you need more not sure I'd want any wsm big fat and orrible,I shoot 30-06 165gn nosler bt over 56gn of H4350 big enough for everything here, if want flatter faster then 7mm rem mag is a nice one to shoot.

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    I've got a slot for .30cal. I wounded if they will let me get WSM?
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Thanks Dawnraider. I've watched one or two stalks on 'thefieldsportschannel' and other places that were carried out with the .30-06 and they went very well. I read that the .300wsm was a LOT of rifle. More than anything that I'm really likely to encounter to be honest. Dont exactly plan on doing any Safari's. I do like the ought6. But I DOOOOOOO like the idea of flatter and faster too. One side of my ground has some pretty large fields. You could easily take shots on foxes to 7 or 800, even 900yrds(if you were Tom Berenger). I'll have to get the manual out for the 7mmRM and go through the stats.

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    Hey BK. I think you can if you're one of the lucky ones. I read, possibly on here, about how some people have gotten the calibers being talked about here as you said...with just .30cal and such on the ticket. But then again, some counties and forces have requested specifics and if it wasnt them, the RFD turned around and requested that there be a specific caliber that they're allowed to sell to the holder. So then the person in question then ended up contacting the pollice to inform them of the exact caliber anyway.

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