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Thread: Coming To A Shoot Near You Soon...Well MY Shoot

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    Coming To A Shoot Near You Soon...Well MY Shoot

    I thought you may like to see why my herd of deer gets larger by the week, and why I can never get rid of all of the foxes

    With this place a couple of miles away as the crow fly's ( it did fly until I shot it) its no surprise.
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    WTF is a glis glis ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shudadunityonksago View Post
    WTF is a glis glis ?
    It's otherwise known as the edible dormouse.

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    What a truly rubbish name!!
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    Is it just me or do some of those numbers seem a little OTT?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Oh yes, the blessed St Tiggy's.
    Gliss gliss are edible dormice, like smaller squirrels with big googly eyes. Like muntjak they are a release and very prolific in a relatively small area. Very destructive little beggars in a building and hammer nest boxes.
    We had a major increase in foxes just before lambing last year, with all the sleet and rain that hit at the same time. Coincided with a small white van being seen several times on a bridle path that intersects the farm.
    Only upside was the several of the foxes headed towards lights and bin bags, soon beyond the help of a saint.

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    27 munties.... you know you're thinking it

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    The Romans ate Glis Glis as a snack.. used to fatten them up in pots...

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    I cant wait to get Casper they've had him at least two years now.
    I wont need night vision for this one.

    You'll all like this one, even more if your out of work at the moment

    Would make for a great screen saver photo
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    One of my shoots is overun with Glis Glis or `Cous Cous` as we call them. Were not a million miles from Tiggywinkles and i have shot a fair few foxes with shaven patches.

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