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Thread: More than I was prepared for...

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    More than I was prepared for...

    On saturday I went out on a small local estate to have a look for a red hind. We headed out in the argo an stopped at the target and I had a couple of pops to get comfortable on the rifle which was an old Steyr. We headed out onto the hill and spotted a group away up the top of the hill. We trudged up the hill and saw some nice stags just lying in the heather relaxing. It was nice to see them just being there, knowing we werent after them. We spotted a group just of hinds just off the estate boundary and waited for them to move on as they were upwind of us. They moved on and we walked round a small mound of earth then dropped to the ground and crawled very fast backwards. There were 6 or 7 hinds and calfs just eating slowly towards a birn. I got onto the mound on the rifle and was instructed to take a hind who had a yearling in tow. When she presented a shot i fired and she fell to the shot. I was told to take a very skinny looking calf so reloaded and as I pulled back the bolt the magazine fell out (unknown to me). I lined up the crosshairs and squeezed the trigger. Click. Bugger. I quickly shoved the magazine backing and cycled the bolt. The calf had run round a hillock by this time and stopped (bad decision). I squeezed the trigger and it took two steps, wobbled and went down. I was over the moon with two. We gralloched them and walked down towards the argo. We had no intention of stalking on yet. However only 500 yards from where the 2 were shot the was a group of young stags and hinds so we went to see if we could get another one. A skinny looking one was identified and i got on top of a tiny mound 120 yards away, my legs in 2 inches of water (COLD!!!). I squeezed of the shot and she went 20 yards then fell down. Bit far back so clipped the lungs and mainly hit liver and burst the gut, making for a mucky gralloch. She was very skinny, hips and spine sticking out alot. We went and ha lunch at the argo then went up to collect the deer. First time Ive ever been in one and I was definitely impressed. We went down and once we got onto the track it was my go! It took a little while to get used to but once i got the hang of it I was really enjoying myself. As I was driving i Spotted a hind and 2 calfs and as we were in the forest area now, the stalker told me to stop, got the rifle on the roof and took the hind. The calfs were big so we let them go on. We got back to the larder and dressed them out. To be honest as some just starting to stalk I would have been ecstatic with 1 hind, but with 3 I was absolutely thrilled. Easily one of the best stalks I've done.


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    Sounds like a great day out. Well done

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    awe Euan you had a great day, well done

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    Waidmannsheil, well done!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done and a good write up.

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    Well done, indeed!

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    Sounds like a great day was had, well done.

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