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Thread: Benefits of joining the BDS in East Anglia

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    Benefits of joining the BDS in East Anglia

    Hi guys I've been pondering joining the BDS but am unsure what, if anything, I'd gain/learn or benefit from the outlay or what sort of things go on around Peterborough for members.

    How many stalkers on here are members?

    I did a bit of a search and views seem to be mixed and I'm not interested in networking to any great extent but wouldn't mind meeting a few chaps to put names to faces so to speak. Also it would be nice to go to any talks that were local to learn more about all aspects of deer and stalking if this is something that occurs in this area.

    Any thoughts please?

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    I was a member for many years in Norfolk, found they were continuously promoting fundraising, then moved to much bigger premises, never really got anything for my subs, the local branch fell apart at the seams on several occasion's, so I left after 9 years. deerwarden

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    I am a member of South West.
    Got to say I am hugely disappointed.
    Yes I get the insurance and a magazine....but that is all!

    I have seen 2 events on SD in North West that looked great.
    Spoke to the local guy to me saying there was a group of us interested in something similar in south west...all I got was a half assed response trying to get me to arrange the event.

    In a nutshell...I wont be renewing as it has done nothing for me.

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    Well, the mantra has always been that the BDS is not a deer stalking (club) society but guess you'll have to make up your own mind about that albeit I acknowledge you're not looking at membership as a gateway to additional stalking.

    If you do join I hope you encounter at least one fine & knowledgeable member I know who's always striven to be active in whatever Branch happens to be his local.

    That doesn't however mean he'll be popular with the wider membership but then that is so often the case with people of principal, conviction, dedication and hard won knowledge at the coalface of subject matter.


    Ps: You do of course tend to get from something what you’re prepared to put in so do go ahead with signing up and review after a year.
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    Klenchblaize is correct I used to shoot with a branch of the BDS in the midlands ( although I was NOT a member) The branches used to have loads of fine stalkers, who where interesting and good to listen to.

    If you do join you will soon find out who gets the free stalking from the BDS and it ain't the members who pay the subs. ( I'm sure others on here know this to be true )

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    Thing is I joined not expecting to get stalking.
    I expected some events, evening talks about deer subjects, even range days...instead the south west branch just seems non existant.

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    Deerwarden, how long ago did you leave?

    I did a search on here and there seemed to be a range day once a month organised at Bury St Edmunds which isn't far from me but other than that no events I could see. Any other East Anglians about?

    For the sake of 50 quid I'll most likely join for a year just to see for meself,

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    I was in East anglia branch for three years or so. There was lots of back biting and news letters dried-up and I quit 20ish years ago.
    I never did find out what happened as I was not part of the CLIQUE.
    I fired lots of bullets down the colchester ranges but don't know whether they are still going.


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    "but don't know whether they are still going" They probably hit the backstop! East Anglia still hold meetings; the lectures that I have attended have been informative. (Also expensive; don't talk to the Zeiss guy at their stall). I have never attended a range day as they seem to clash with other shooting events. I have seen no evidence of back biting or infighting and remain a member.

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    I'm a member and have been for several years.
    I know I'm still a member because I see the money go from my bank each year, oh ! and I get a magazine with some lovely pictures in it, periodically.

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