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Thread: Kidney stones,who has had them?

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    Kidney stones,who has had them?

    I`m suffering in pain here and have been for 6 days and ask does anyone care to share whats good for the horrible baa--steds and whats bad..IE food /drink etc.
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    My brother had kidney stones over 20 odd year ago, had operation to blast them into small pieces and was told to cut back on salt, eat a lot more fresh fruit and drink plenty of plain old water. He done this until a few years ago n low n behold kidney stones again last year, he got them blasted by laser again and is back on the fresh fruit n loads of water as there are several causes of kidney stones i would recommend speaking to a dietitian whom will go through what your eating and tell you exactly the foods to avoid.
    Hope you get better soon.ChrisMc

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    Depends on size, composition and location. If under 8 mm they can "usually" be passed without intervention (but with a little pain). In the "old days" we used to advise a pain pill, then drinking a 6 pack while reclining in a hot bath (diuretic and pain killer). Get a x-ray. Strain urine so composition of passed stone can be analyzed (panty hose makes a good enough strainer). Good luck.

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    Haven't had them myself. Don't know if it's the beer or cranberry juice that I drink... Folks I've seen with them seem to be the ones that drink coffee by the pots and hardly anything else. Drink plenty of water at least. I have a little cranberry juice (or a variation with cranberry juice in it), a few beers a week, and a good slug of apple cider vinegar most every day and always have water or juice.... If you smell anything strong or see any color when you whiz, you need to drink more. Hope you get to feeling better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frdrck View Post
    Depends on size, composition and location. If under 8 mm they can "usually" be passed without intervention (but with a little pain). In the "old days" we used to advise a pain pill, then drinking a 6 pack while reclining in a hot bath (diuretic and pain killer). Get a x-ray. Strain urine so composition of passed stone can be analyzed (panty hose makes a good enough strainer). Good luck.

    Hi, I had kidney stones that where successfully treat by lithotripsy (ultra sound waves that break up the stones into smaller bits )
    What I can recommend is a herbal medicine called " QUEBRA PEDRA " it made passing the stone a lot less painful.

    Mention it to most doctors and they dismiss it as "black magic mumbo jumbo" , but I'm convinced it helped me.

    In Britain, Quebra Pedra is available as a powder that can be made into a tea. Take two heaped teaspoons and boil this in about half a litre of water. This mixture can be drunk over the course of the day, either hot or cold.

    i also can confirm drinking a six pack just before the stone passes through you, made things a bit easier.
    Good Luck hope they pass through OK.

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    My boss used to get them every few years, he described them as a pain worse than giving birth, though how he would know that i just don't know!



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    I've had 'em. The pain is really bad, they do say it's like giving birth, but obviously I can't compare it. The main problem is that the pain is just there and there's nothing you can do in terms of movement or pressure to alleviate it however much you try. Normal over the counter painkillers don't touch it.

    I managed to pass them but then had to have my bladder checked to see if there were any there. Up went a hose to fill the bladder, a light source and a camera. Now that was uncomfortable! They say if you've had them you are prone to have more at some time. As has been said, diet and drink can help, or at least slow them down from forming.

    But as George Harrison said: "All things must pass" (hopefully).

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    I spent a night in Guildford A+E with a Forum member who had a Kidney Stone that stuck on its way to his Bladder. This was at a Pistol Meeting at Bisley. I will ask him to chip in.


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    Brings on a nasty memory,.... I'd always had a bit of low back pain, put it down to bad lifting as an apprenticed mechanic,..... a few years further on I was at Mayday teaching hospital in Croydon, helping to build an incinerator plant, we were staying in the nurses quarters, (EMPTY before you start)!.. a few weeks work passed with the usual p*ss ups after downing tools, I awoke one morning for work feeling a little like the kebabs had been suspect, got washed & dressed, tried to bend down to tie my laces & keeled over in pain, managed to stagger the 60 or so yards to A&E, they chucked me on a gurnie, after about twenty minutes of increasing pain I was squirming around that much I was becoming disrobed!!, so they shot me a jag in the thigh ... this was obviously them hoping the stone would transit while I was KO'd, cut a long story short, they decided I'd passed it, & let me go with drip still attached to one arm, telling me to come straight back if I got a repeat... to this day I have never had any back pain since! One comment by a medico was "That's the closest you'll get to the pain women go through in childbirth!" , Instructed to lay off the ale & take more water, then more water!
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    I have had 3 of them, painful does not describe it. The first was driving to work doing 60 mph, within seconds I was in agony and doubled up I had slammed the brakes on without thinking due to the pain, partly across the road ,people were driving passed sounding their horn, but nobody stopped. I knew a doctor lived a mile or so along the road so looking through the steering wheel doubled up in pain I drove slowly to his house and he called an ambulance.After tests they said it was kidney stones and gave me a shot of morphine, within seconds the pain went.
    The second was xmas eve at home my wife got me to the hospital quickly and as they attended to me I told them what happened before and that the pain was in the same place and after one simple test was given morphine again, such relief you cannot imagine.
    I had another about two years later luckily at home so got quick pain relief.
    That all happened about twenty years ago and I have not suffered since, Which I put down to the advice given to me by the matron which was to drink at least half a glass of cranberry juice every day apparently the acid helps the body dissolve any rubbish in the kidneys.
    Mine were protein stones caused by to much dairy produce, there are also calcium stones but I don't know if the cranberry juice would have the same effect. Passing the stones has caused scarring which to this day causes problems if I get desperate to use the toilet.
    So best of luck John they have to come out one way or the other.

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