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Thread: Ladder trap spacing

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    Ladder trap spacing

    Hi gents I'm making a couple of ladder traps at the min for a shoot it's been a few years since I've made one , what is the width of the opening for corvids to get through ? I keep thinking 6 inch but I'm not sure that's right .....
    many thanks
    atb Jim
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    8-9" is about right, much more and magpies will get back out.

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    Cheers perdix !
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Google is my friend lol

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    Hmm, thanks for the link. I wish I'd seen it before I built mine - especially the bit about the longitudinal wires at 3.75" intervals (I feel a modification may be due this spring).

    What I did with mine was to lay a long, narrow plank along the ladder.

    This space-age device can be moved towards the centre to "tune" the gap size to the catch species.

    As you may guess, this arrangement came about after I discovered that my original gaps were big enough to catch crows, but too big to catch the jackdaws that were taking all the feed from inside the trap.

    If there's a one-size-fits-all solution for jackdaws, magpies and crows, I've yet to find it - but if the wires work, brilliant!
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    Prefer the Larsens for maggies and must confess to prefering the old funnel style traps for crows and jackdaws(used to cable-tie 4 pens sections together and make a lid which is a bit idle I suppose) but I may well have a go with one of these at some point

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