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    Radio 4

    Monty Don discussing the increasing deer population on Radio 4 at 11am today. Won't be able to listen myself so any feed back would be good.

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    Shared Planet - 07 Jan 14 - Deer Management

    Tue, 7 Jan 14
    28 mins
    It is estimated that in the United Kingdom, numbers of certain deer species in our countryside has almost tripled in the last 20 years. Deer are possibly the most likely mammal we are ever likely to see in the wider countryside. However in many areas deer are blamed for destroying crops and woodland, and the booming populations will fuel concerns they are having a harmful impact on other wildlife. Add to this an increasing human population pushing ever deeper into deer habitat, are we at a point whereby the management of deer in Western Europe has become a critical issue? Monty Don explores this question a field report looking at the damage deer can do in our increasingly urbanised landscape.
    Can be downloaded at

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