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    Happy New Year and Good Day to everybody!

    I am the new boy (71 years young) in the block. I live in North Eastern Italy, very close to the Austrian border (5 miles away, I go there for shopping and refuelling). The area where I live is mountaineoud, with the Dolomites to the South and the Central-Eastern Alps to the North). This county has been part of the Austrian Empire for centuries, till 1918 when it was given to Italy after WW1. Most of the county population speaks German as mother tongue.
    Stalking and shooting here are organised on municipal basis, i.e. the hunting territory (we call it "reserve") correspond to of the village or town boundaries. The village where I live (4,000 people) covers about 4,000 hectares (10,000 acres). The right to hunt here is conditioned to: 1) possess of a local hunting licence, involving an exam (rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, law, game biology, hints about dogs and traditions); 2) being a resident (at least tha last 5 years) within the municipal boundaries or ownership of a farm (or woods or grazing grounds). The main game here is roe deer (last culling plan was 62 beasts), chamois (51 beasts) red deer (5 beasts), shared between 27 stalkers.
    My stalking battery includes: a Weatherby in 7 mm Rem. Mag. (please do not be shocked: you need a flat trajectory for chamois), a Voere in 7x64 and a CZ in 30.06. Moreover, I possess a side by side combination with hammers in 7x72 R (an old German ammo, performing like the 30.30) and 16 gauge, topped with a Kahles 4x scope. It belonged to my late father in law who bought it in the '30s.
    I would be glad to take part to the forum as fast as my knowledge of English (rather rusty) allow me.
    Again, Happy New Year!

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    Welcome I'm sure we will pick your brains on hunting abroad
    happy new year

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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