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Thread: Just a few swine...

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    Just a few swine...

    Only 5 days until I head to the UK YEEAAAHHHHHHHH

    Probably won't be as hot as this...

    Or be as many of these around either (unless I go to aunty's pig farm)

    Photos were taken in western QLD, Australia. I've been out there for 6 weeks whilst working. Unfortunately on the 6 weeks out there I was only able to get out for a shot once, however, we'd be seeing pigs most days. Very frustrating!

    Note: Pigs are deemed a feral pest in Australia. So it is encouraged that feral animals be humanely eradicated by recreational hunters where possible.

    Looking forward to thos 10 degree days. And to hopefully sampling some of your deer shooting

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    Piggy shooting is growing slowly, & well established in some of the luckier site member's areas , Deer stalking is in the world beating class! 8) , & I see you have a photo of my own favourite quarry, Mr Reynard! Just remember to bring your thermal undies for those first few days over here Steve.

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    Looking forward to 10 degree days, are you coming in the Summer The car thermometer said -2 yesterday when I got in it, and that was in the garage where it was nice and warm -ish things just got worse after that


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