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Thread: Roe Stalking South Lanarkshire

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    Roe Stalking South Lanarkshire

    Situated within a couple of minutes of the M74 in South Lanarkshire I have approx 150 acres of woodland available for two rifles. Cull figures for the last 3 years are 8/9 per annum. This is obviously not a large section of ground but it is located in an area where there are a good few roe. Rough shooting/pigeons is included. There are three high seats in place. Beginning 01/02/2014 cost is 300/rifle. Due to the location of this ground safety is paramount and therefore Lev 2 plus insurance is required.

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    Can recommend. Several of the cull figure has been to my rifle including a witnessed stalk for my level two. Two of the high seats mentioned are built by me as freestanding. High deer traffic area.

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    where is south Lanarkshire is the ground

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan413 View Post
    where is south Lanarkshire is the ground
    Alan, Near to Hamilton.

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    Probably only 10 mins from me but only have level 1

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    Does level 2 make you safer then ?

    Sounds like a nice deal but for the caveat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Does level 2 make you safer then ?

    Sounds like a nice deal but for the caveat
    Yes Rake Aboot it is a genuine offer and anybody who wishes to look at the ground and make their own judgement is welcome. I am not stupid enough to believe that by holding lev 2 you are safer than anyone else but as it stands it is a qualification of having reached a standard whereby the holders safety knowledge/procedures have been demonstrated to an acceptable level. I am aware of several guys who hold lev 1 and have never even shot a deer.

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    good reply!

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