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Thread: Folding shooting sticks

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    Folding shooting sticks

    I've used these for quite a while,lighter and easier than a bi-pod and great if shooting from a sitting position. The video can get out of synch. depends on speed of your web connection.


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    The guy is a genius, reckon he could sell sand to the arabs!

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    What a cracking bit of kit, where can you get them and what's the cost?

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    Thats a very good idea! Don't think the strap over the barrel is a good idea as this would effect the harmonics but the friction grab looks good.

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    Here is the website you can order them from, pretty cheap.

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    bi-pod sticks

    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock
    What a cracking bit of kit, where can you get them and what's the cost?
    I got mine from my brother in the u.s. who met Sid Young at a show;he said Sid was a natural salesman and very slick with the sticks as you'd expect as he designed them.
    I've got the 40" (folds to 14") which are great for sitting in wait for a fox with rifle ready and supported. I'd imagine the full size ones are a good substitute for stalking sticks.
    Thanks to david1976 for posting the link.


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    I have discovered one floor in 50% of the sticks usage in winter when I have two coat and over trousers on how do I get to my belt with the attachment on it?

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    i have emailed the guy direct and he will ship to the uk the sticks are $32plus $12.95 shipping but if three sets of 40 inch sticks where baught he will waver the postage costs. if anyone wants a set pm me as i am going to get a set . i use a webbing typ belt so they are ideal for me.

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    three sets now ordered and out in tonights shipping, very nice man indeed.

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