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Thread: Knife sharpening tutorial

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    Knife sharpening tutorial

    I can do many things. But knife sharpening isn't one of them. Can anybody link up a good how to tutorial ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    I can do many things. But knife sharpening isn't one of them. Can anybody link up a good how to tutorial ?

    Hi Scots stalker

    I have tried many many types, methods and wet, dry, diamond stones, racks, no racks the lot.

    i have returned back to the pro Lansky system with use of a black felt tip pen to find the correct grind angle all my knives are + razor sharp.

    There are some good and EASY to learn accurate blade levels and tutorials on you tube, I got all new kit from coarse through to ultra fine and a polishing leather and compound from moonraker. And have re defined all my knives in a few evenings work from sharp to razor sharp +.

    Good luck


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    There are some good ones on Youtube, but Lanksy does make life easier.

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    +1 on the lansky! had one for many years and it really does do a cracking job at making knives sharp. If you buy the delux kit ou can with a little time and patience re angle an edge to suit the kind of work the knife is for.
    The only other addition would be a good oval steel to get the razor edge.

    Not a tutorial I know........ but probably the best and most consistent way to sharpen knives

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    Just watched the lanksy system on YouTube Impressive

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    got one of them bestest sharpener in the world jobs .18 quid in the uk ,but only 3.99 from china .wicked sharpener all u do is draw the blade backwards in a straightline .no angles an all that mullarky most easy cos im a sharpening muppet cant use a steel and wreck them angle sharpeners that come with the knives.the name is pooh best sharpener in the world but they work

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    Go and sit in the woods far away from anybody, pull out your knife and sharpening stone, someone will then magically appear to tell you that you are doing it wrong...

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