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Thread: Dumfries and Galloway - Stalking

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    Dumfries and Galloway - Stalking

    Looking for some options for the week of 20th Jan.. lost access to forest of AE last year.. so any help would be great..

    have level 2 etc.



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    give Colin /solway stalker a shout he's a top man

    Regards Darren

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    Cheers Darren. what's the best way to contact him ?


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    You can PM him on here as Solway Stalker. Also try Adamant on here from Athina. They may not have anything, but it may give you some options.
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    Thanks Eric , I know Adam well we did DSC1 together he is a great guy.! can't get hold of him at the moment..



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    That's because he's in Texas, has chronic jet lag and is only just now reconnected to the 'water of life' that is the interweb...

    Andy - just got your message. I'm back on the 14th and need to be back here in the USA on the 27th at latest but if we can fit in a trip to D&G in between we will. We've got plenty of Roe does that need culling on difficult but rewarding ground.


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    Great, I will email you direct with your new email .. be great to catch up again its been a while....!


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