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Thread: fallow buck

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    fallow buck

    hi as above would like to swap a fallow buck in the next rut. for chance at any of the other 5 species we have in the country. I have only ever shot fallow. also to sweeten the deal a evening duck flight on the river and a nights lamping foxes if someone was to stay down a couple days best I can do lads. thanks

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    thats a great oportunity i live in scotland only have roe on my 2 permisions shame that you so far away

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    don't mind traveling anywhere in the country for some good sport

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    Hunting, stalking roe and boar in Germany??
    Just a pm!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    thanks for all the interest in this swap guys but I have now had an offer closer to home. if anything changes il b in touch. thanks again


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